zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Summer time

                             Hey our lovely fashionlovers,

                                           Oooooh, we love this! We love, love, love, love this!
                                          Remember when it rained and everybody had to put some jackets
                                          and warm stuff on? We do. For us it was just a week ago.
                                          Now the sun is shining and we can put our shorts, tanktops etc. etc. on!
                                          Amazing, right? We think the weather should be like this all year.
                                          We hate the cold. The summer also means: shopping!
                                          The thing we love the most. It is going to be hard to not spend
                                          all our money. Oh well, we will try. *cough, cough*
                                          So, we hope you will enjoy the pictures!


                                       Tim, chilling on the park bench

                                                  Happy Tim

   Is Isabel the only one who thinks Tim looks AMAZING on this picture?

                                        Sitting on the grass in the sun :) 

Blouse: Primark, Jeans: Zara, T-Shirt: H&M, Shoes: All Star

Necklace: Gift

Sunglasses: England 

Hmm, let's say that the bush really liked Tim's sunglasses, hm?
                              (Told you, we are crazy haha.)

Isabel (Iza)

Hello there

 Isabel loves the text on the shirt: Follow your dreams and rock them!

Isabel enjoying the sun :)

Sunglasses: The Six, Hat: The Sting 

 Top: ONLY, Shorts: V&D

Isabel was really happy. You can tell, right?

Ring: The Six
Right bracelet: Etos (summer acion 2011), White bracelet: Etos (Summer action 2011), Blue, green and other blue bracelet: Gift

Shoes: V&D 

  Peace out

We love this weather. Only the sun was really annoying while taking pictures.
                 But we think we did a pretty good job.
                 We have by the way a new title picture! Do you guys like it?
                 A big thanks to Veronique ( for giving answers to
                 our  questions and being awsome.
                 You need to totally check her out, she is AMAZING.
                 Hmm, that is it we guess.
                Hope you like it!
          Love & Hugs,
                                                                           Isabel & Tim


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