donderdag 23 augustus 2012

OOTD: Stripes and blocks

Hey our lovely fashion lovers!
We just got back of a summer camp in England!
It was so much fun! This picture of Tim is taken in front of Buckingham Palace,
in London. I, Isabel, think that he looks great... And look at his socks!
Mustard with stripes.
This outfit makes me, Isabel, happy and Tim, I guess I mean: look at his face on the picture... :)
Love & Hugs,
Isabel & Tim

Blouse: Primak, Shirt: H&M, Trousers: H&M, Socks: Primark, Shoes: Primark.

P.S: Tim loves the Primark... Just saying. ;D

dinsdag 10 juli 2012


         This is my new addiction: Fashionology. The shop started as a blog and ended up as a
         webshop. The webshop with the most amazing accessoiries ever.
         Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, nailpolish, friendshipbracelets, t-shirts, collartips: I want
         to have it all. Skullheads, mad eyes, crosses, silver, stones: it has all the things I love in
         accessoiries. Only my dreamprice is missing. Because it is expensive. Ofcourse it is good
         quality and good material but I don't really have the money.
         Everytime I visit the shop (everyday) I need to hold myself back because, O MY GOD: I am in
         love. Oh dear money I am saving... We have a huge problem.

 Silver Skull Ring                        Silver Evil Eye Ring                        Silver Turquoise Ring

 Turquoise Casing Necklace                    Dreamcatcher                             Bird Skull Necklace II

   Cross Bracelet           Cross Bangle I      Evil Eye Bangle     Black  One Skull Bracelet

Double Pointed Earrings                   Ethic Earrings                             Silver Small Earcuff

Hold back Isabel.... Hold back. Breathe in, breathe out and zen...
Do you like this webshop as much as I do?

Lots of love,

woensdag 27 juni 2012

Rings, rings and... Rings

 Hello our lovely fashionlovers,

"Hello, my name is Isabel." "Hello, Isabel." "And I am addicted to rings."
Okay, not addicted but I have these days when I can buy all the rings in the store.
I love rings. I just love them. And I really don't know why.
Okay, I know why but I can't explain it.
The reason why I love rings more then earrings, bracelets, necklaces is that rings are
so simple but they can be a statement piece, too. 

Panda ring: The six, Spike ring: Black Star Parfume, Blue ring with a rose: The six, Golden ring: Gift, Ring under the golden ring: Gift, Ring with dolfins: Gift, Bow ring (which you can't see): The six,

Black ring: H&M,  Plain silver ring: The Six, Ring under the plain silver ring: Gift,
Green ring: The six, Cross ring: The six, Peace ring: Gift.

I have two favorite rings. This is one of them. I think you have saw this ring a lot on my blog, and (no surprise) you will see it a lot of times!
This ring is from the black star parfume (Made by Avril Lavigne). I did not know what to do with it first (that was the time when I thought rings only should be on your annulary). But when I found it a year ago I fell in love with it!

When I saw this cross ring I was about to scream. It was one of those things you run to when you see it because you are afraid that someone else will get it. I just love, love, love this.

These are all my silver rings. I love silver more then gold, I don't know why. I think silver is more grudge and edgy then gold. Gold is warm and sweet, but that is just what I make of it. :)

These are my gold rings. I have got the left one for chrismas from my brothers and their girlfriends. I am so thankfull for this ring! It is so simple and beautyfull. The peace ring is a gift from my best friends Tim and Iris. I love that ring to, because it is the peace sign. :)

These are all my rings. I have thirteen rings, that means enough to wear on every finger.
Maybe I will have in the future hunderd rings, or maybe my ring addiction is over by then.
I don't know. I just know that I love this accessory and that I wanted to share it with you.

Have a wonderfull week!
Lots of love,

woensdag 13 juni 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Denim top: H&M, Pants: V&D

Ankle boots: Ziens

Necklace: Vintage

Green ring: The six, Other ring: Gift

Blue ring: The six, Other ring: Wild Rose Parfume

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
I didn't felt like working with my statif and finding a good place to make pictures.
So I made these pictures through a mirror.
Sorry for the not so good quality.
Me and Tim have a testweek so we are really busy!
Have a nice week!
Lots of love,

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

At the moment

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
This is just a quick "at the moment". Basically this is a post about what is happening in our lives, so enjoy!
If you want to see a daily at the moment follow us on instagram. Our username is: fashionstry.

 I am decorating my room. The heart (all the picture are going to be a heart) is not finished yet but I think it looks really cool. -Isabel

I have also made my name with magazine letters. I think it looks pretty cool, haha. -Isabel

 Me and Tim a have a testweek to survive. Wish us luck! :(

 My favorite armcandy at the moment. -Isabel

My favorite book at the moment. -Isabel

 I found my old camera! It hasn't really good quality but it isn't really awful.
The second picture from left is me with long hair! I was twelve and kind of alternative.
Oh, good old times. *sighn*. - Isabel


Oh sick puppies. One of my favorite bands! I love rock music. Heh, you can tell, right?
This is my favorite song at the moment. - Isabel

Love & Hugs,
Isabel (& Tim)


zondag 3 juni 2012

OOTD: The collar

Blouse: ONLY, Black top: The Sting, Tregging: V&D, Shoes: Gift, Gold necklace: H&M, Cross necklace: Church, Earrings: Gift.

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
I've been sick for two days so me and Tim couldn't make pictures. So I decided to make a quik OOTD for you. My camera and the light were SO annoying. I couldn't find a good place to make a picture. But I finally found it: the white door in te living room. Not the most stunning place to make a picture but it was good enough. Now I still have headache but I need to get through the pain. So I am just going to school tomorrow and be my happy self. When I am sick I don't want to do anything. Just lay in bed and sleep. But I said to myself: No, Isabel. Just do it. It will take ten minutes.
Well it didn't. It took two hours. But it was fun to do.
I am complaining to much, I guess.
Have a nice week!
Lots of love,

zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Summer time

                             Hey our lovely fashionlovers,

                                           Oooooh, we love this! We love, love, love, love this!
                                          Remember when it rained and everybody had to put some jackets
                                          and warm stuff on? We do. For us it was just a week ago.
                                          Now the sun is shining and we can put our shorts, tanktops etc. etc. on!
                                          Amazing, right? We think the weather should be like this all year.
                                          We hate the cold. The summer also means: shopping!
                                          The thing we love the most. It is going to be hard to not spend
                                          all our money. Oh well, we will try. *cough, cough*
                                          So, we hope you will enjoy the pictures!


                                       Tim, chilling on the park bench

                                                  Happy Tim

   Is Isabel the only one who thinks Tim looks AMAZING on this picture?

                                        Sitting on the grass in the sun :) 

Blouse: Primark, Jeans: Zara, T-Shirt: H&M, Shoes: All Star

Necklace: Gift

Sunglasses: England 

Hmm, let's say that the bush really liked Tim's sunglasses, hm?
                              (Told you, we are crazy haha.)

Styles we like: Harajuku


Hai lovely fashion lovers!

Yesterday I dowloaded an amazing app.
The name is: TokyoFashion.
It is about the AMAZING fashion in Japan and especially in Harajuku 原宿. ( That is a district in Tokyo) SO, I love Japan and this makes it only better :)
Harajuku is a colorful style inspired by anime and dolls. The style is cute and a little bit messy.
I found the styles there SO amazing and lovely.
On this app you can see photos of teenagers and their (amazing) style.
When I see the photos I think: That is so cool, my head is bubbelling with ideas and inspiration and... etc. etc.
I can look at the pictures  all day and you can find films on youtube. It makes me so happy, haha!
But, this app helps me very much for styling and I like it! I was so happy that I found this app.
SO, do you have the same ideas as I? Do you like Japan as I do? Tell me!

Kumamiki at Pop N Cute

Look the accesoires! This outfit is so cute!

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (17)

Cute and it a little bit Lolita.

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (39)

A boy! And his style is soooo cool and I like it so much and etc.

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (49)

Iza (Isabel) : "The boots!" ( Iza likes the boots very much and wants them so bad!)

 Two girls in Harajuku. 

 Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (27)

 I Like the girl the most but, the boy looks very cool, too.

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (42)




P.S. To be continued