About us

                   Instead of doing the usual introducing bla bla, we thought: Why not doing a Tag?
                          So here it is our "About Us" Tag
                          We are going to answer 20 questions.
                          So, sit back and enjoy :)

1. What is your name?
                                                     - I am Isabel (The girl on the right).
                                                     - I am Tim (The boy on the left).

2. How old are you?
- I am fourteen.
- I am fourteen, too.

3. What is your middle name?
My middle name is Valentine.
-My middle name is Daniel. 

4. What nationality are you?
- I am Dutch
 - I am Dutch, too.

5. How tall are you?
I am 1.57 meters (that is 5'1 feet) I am short :(
- I am 1.79, I think. (That is 5'6 feet).

6. Favorite subject in school?
 - I think English and art class.
- I think art class... 

7. Favorite song at the moment?
 - Hmm, I think... Sick Puppies - All the same
- Eh, I think: Lady Gaga- Heavy metal lover

8. My super power would be...
- Invisibility, I guess. I know that is really lame, haha.
- Seeing ghosts.

9. What make-up products do you use?
 - Let's see... I sometimes use concelar, mascara and lipgloss.
I am not really good in make-up, I guess.
- None.

10.  Favorite book?
- I don't know... A book that I really like at the moment is:
Before I go to sleep by SJ Watson
- I think... At the moment The hungergames.
11.  Favorite perfume (for the boy out here: deodorant)?
Black star made by Avril Lavigne. It is so sweet and light.
I love it :)
- My favorite deodorant is... Replay deodorant, I guess.

12. Have you been out of the country? How many times?
- I have been to Russia, Austria, Egypt, Norway, Spain, Greece, England, France...
To Russia: I think thirteen times... To Austria and Norway two times and
to Greece three times. To Egypt, France and  England just one time.
- I have been to Mexico, England, France, Swiss, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Tunese.
Just one time to all of them.

13. Do you speak any languages?
- I speek Dutch (ofcourse), English, a little bit French and Russian.
- I speek Dutch, English and a little, little bit French
14. Any siblings? 
- Two brothers.
- One twin brother and one brother.

15. Favorite store to shop?
- Any store that has cool, original clothes. I really like the Zara.
- The same as Isabel... And really like the 'man' H&M and the Zara.
16. Favorite pizza topping?
- I don't really care, as long as it is tasty.
-Pizza Hawaii
17. Favorite youtuber?
- I can't choose... But if I had to: clothesencounters.
- I don't really watch youtube...

18. Favorite movie?
- Pirates of the Caribbean. God, I love "Capitain Jack Sparrow"
- I don't know. Any movie that is funny and awesome.

19. Favorite TV show?  
- Glee.
- Oprah and TLC

20.  PC or MAC? 

So that is it! I hope you guys 'know' us well enough. :)
So let's read our blog, shall we?
Love & Hugs,
Isabel & Tim



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