zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

It's been a while...

We've been gone for moths... It'll change (we promise. Pinky swear.)
To see more of us you can check out:

Tim & Isabel

zaterdag 27 april 2013

OOTD: Arizona & Fun

It's been a while... A long while... Five moths to be precise.
Oops. Our excuse? We've been so super busy with
school (a shitty excuse it is.) But we're making it
up to you with an extra long outfit of the day
and a video (which is also uploaded on Isabel's
youtubechannel: IsaDoesBeautyxo)
So here we go:

donderdag 23 augustus 2012

OOTD: Stripes and blocks

Hey our lovely fashion lovers!
We just got back of a summer camp in England!
It was so much fun! This picture of Tim is taken in front of Buckingham Palace,
in London. I, Isabel, think that he looks great... And look at his socks!
Mustard with stripes.
This outfit makes me, Isabel, happy and Tim, I guess I mean: look at his face on the picture... :)
Love & Hugs,
Isabel & Tim

Blouse: Primak, Shirt: H&M, Trousers: H&M, Socks: Primark, Shoes: Primark.

P.S: Tim loves the Primark... Just saying. ;D

dinsdag 10 juli 2012


         This is my new addiction: Fashionology. The shop started as a blog and ended up as a
         webshop. The webshop with the most amazing accessoiries ever.
         Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, nailpolish, friendshipbracelets, t-shirts, collartips: I want
         to have it all. Skullheads, mad eyes, crosses, silver, stones: it has all the things I love in
         accessoiries. Only my dreamprice is missing. Because it is expensive. Ofcourse it is good
         quality and good material but I don't really have the money.
         Everytime I visit the shop (everyday) I need to hold myself back because, O MY GOD: I am in
         love. Oh dear money I am saving... We have a huge problem.

 Silver Skull Ring                        Silver Evil Eye Ring                        Silver Turquoise Ring

 Turquoise Casing Necklace                    Dreamcatcher                             Bird Skull Necklace II

   Cross Bracelet           Cross Bangle I      Evil Eye Bangle     Black  One Skull Bracelet

Double Pointed Earrings                   Ethic Earrings                             Silver Small Earcuff

Hold back Isabel.... Hold back. Breathe in, breathe out and zen...
Do you like this webshop as much as I do?

Lots of love,