zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Summer time

                             Hey our lovely fashionlovers,

                                           Oooooh, we love this! We love, love, love, love this!
                                          Remember when it rained and everybody had to put some jackets
                                          and warm stuff on? We do. For us it was just a week ago.
                                          Now the sun is shining and we can put our shorts, tanktops etc. etc. on!
                                          Amazing, right? We think the weather should be like this all year.
                                          We hate the cold. The summer also means: shopping!
                                          The thing we love the most. It is going to be hard to not spend
                                          all our money. Oh well, we will try. *cough, cough*
                                          So, we hope you will enjoy the pictures!


                                       Tim, chilling on the park bench

                                                  Happy Tim

   Is Isabel the only one who thinks Tim looks AMAZING on this picture?

                                        Sitting on the grass in the sun :) 

Blouse: Primark, Jeans: Zara, T-Shirt: H&M, Shoes: All Star

Necklace: Gift

Sunglasses: England 

Hmm, let's say that the bush really liked Tim's sunglasses, hm?
                              (Told you, we are crazy haha.)

Styles we like: Harajuku


Hai lovely fashion lovers!

Yesterday I dowloaded an amazing app.
The name is: TokyoFashion.
It is about the AMAZING fashion in Japan and especially in Harajuku 原宿. ( That is a district in Tokyo) SO, I love Japan and this makes it only better :)
Harajuku is a colorful style inspired by anime and dolls. The style is cute and a little bit messy.
I found the styles there SO amazing and lovely.
On this app you can see photos of teenagers and their (amazing) style.
When I see the photos I think: That is so cool, my head is bubbelling with ideas and inspiration and... etc. etc.
I can look at the pictures  all day and you can find films on youtube. It makes me so happy, haha!
But, this app helps me very much for styling and I like it! I was so happy that I found this app.
SO, do you have the same ideas as I? Do you like Japan as I do? Tell me!

Kumamiki at Pop N Cute

Look the accesoires! This outfit is so cute!

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (17)

Cute and it a little bit Lolita.

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (39)

A boy! And his style is soooo cool and I like it so much and etc.

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (49)

Iza (Isabel) : "The boots!" ( Iza likes the boots very much and wants them so bad!)

 Two girls in Harajuku. 

 Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (27)

 I Like the girl the most but, the boy looks very cool, too.

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (42)




P.S. To be continued


zaterdag 19 mei 2012

OOTD: Starbucks, here we come!

Shoes : All Star, Pants : H&M, Coat : H&M, Vest : Primark, Orange T-Shirt : H&M, Bag : Lemon.

So, this was my outfit. Do you like it? It was a nice day and we were in the city. I bought very much and now I haven't money... Are there any donors for money..? But, the sun was shining etc. I like the sun?! And for my sunglasses, it was the time of their life!

Isabel and Floor: I like the shopping with you. I found it so very NICE :) really!
And now I'm going tell all the Amersfoorters the best thing in their life!
there is going to be a Starbucks in Amersfoort! We are so happy! YAAAY!

Bye KFC :D Starbucks, here we come!

vrijdag 18 mei 2012

City style

                                              City style

This were the beans.

And this the bagels.

Our best friend Floor, enjoying her green tea.

Tim, enjoying his Ice Coffee.

Isabel with her blue eyeliner.

Isabel & Tim in front of the Bagels & Beans.

 Isabel and Floor in front of the Bagels & Beans.

We loved the outfit of this women! 

donderdag 17 mei 2012

Down to earth

                                                  Down to earth

Coat: H&M, Shirt: Punkfish, Skirt: H&M, Legging: V&D, Boots: Ziens, Sunglasses: The six, Bracelets: Gift, Ring: Parfume, Earrings: Hema

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
I felt like wearing black today so, ofcourse, I did. I love my new boots. I wanted red boots for a long time but didn't find nice ones. But when I saw these I thought: You are going to be MINE. I wanted round sunglasses for a long time, too. But they were so expensive! So when I found these for ten euro's I ran to it and was so happy. I was screaming in the shop: 'Tim, I found them!' And everybody looked at my like I was crazy. Good memory. :)
Lots of love,

Red like blood

                                         Red like blood

Coat:H&M, Vest: WE, Shirt: H&M, Pants: Zara, Shoes: All Star, Necklace: Gift, Bracelets: H&M
Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
I have new shoes! I love the red colour. I love the braces on the pants.
Many boys have braces, but I don't care. My necklace is really gothic but I like it.
I have bought the bracelets togheter so I can combinate it. Today was sunny so we are happy and we didn't freeze. So, that's a good thing, right!?


Jumper: The Sting, Pants: The Sting, Heels: Esprit, Bracelets: The six, gift

                               Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
                               So this is a quik outfit of the day.
                               I love the pastelcolour green. So I mixed it with soft colours
                               so it is a girly outfit. The heels are my first heels and they are freaking
                               That's it. :)
                               Lots of love,