donderdag 17 mei 2012

Down to earth

                                                  Down to earth

Coat: H&M, Shirt: Punkfish, Skirt: H&M, Legging: V&D, Boots: Ziens, Sunglasses: The six, Bracelets: Gift, Ring: Parfume, Earrings: Hema

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
I felt like wearing black today so, ofcourse, I did. I love my new boots. I wanted red boots for a long time but didn't find nice ones. But when I saw these I thought: You are going to be MINE. I wanted round sunglasses for a long time, too. But they were so expensive! So when I found these for ten euro's I ran to it and was so happy. I was screaming in the shop: 'Tim, I found them!' And everybody looked at my like I was crazy. Good memory. :)
Lots of love,

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