vrijdag 18 mei 2012

City style

                                              City style

This were the beans.

And this the bagels.

Our best friend Floor, enjoying her green tea.

Tim, enjoying his Ice Coffee.

Isabel with her blue eyeliner.

Isabel & Tim in front of the Bagels & Beans.

 Isabel and Floor in front of the Bagels & Beans.

We loved the outfit of this women! 

The combination of green and blue is really lovely.

Cute chocolate.

Isabel loves these earrings.

 And Isabel loves the hat.

We just got in this really random shop with everything.
It was like a souvernir-store only so much cooler.
It is a great store for buying gifts and stuff.
But... We forgot the name... *shamshame*

We looked for stuff in The Pieces and saw this girl.
We thought: Okay, she looks great.
So we asked her if we could take a picture. She said yes. :)
We love the outfit of this girl.  The colour combination and the shoes.
And we think that red lipstick looks great on her!
And we just love her hair.

And we saw this girl in The Pieces!
We love the whole combination and the colour
combination. It looked really cute and soft.
We love the blue scarf and the peachy blazer.

We saw these really cool earrings in The Pieces.

Isabel loves this jacket form the Zara. She thinks that when you
put it togheter with some black skinny's and a white blouse
it will look amazing.

Isabel took this picture in the Zara and got almost kicked out.

Shirt: WE, Coat: WE, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Vans, Bag: Gift

Necklace: Lemon
Say "Hi" to our new best friend Robo/Rob!

Floor's new earrings from: She's accesories.



Tim isn't here now so I don't know what he was wearing.

Sunglasses: England

Bag: Lemon

Sunglasses:  The six, Coat: H&M, Shirt: DIY, Shorts: Bijenkorf,
Leggings: V&D, Shoes: All Star, Bag: Gift

Tim & Isabel

Me and Tim in Trendy with our kid's John Lennon sunglasses

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,

we hope you enjoyd this long city blog. It was a really nice day.
The sun was shining, we have met nice, stylish people.
We have bought amazing food and stuff.
We hope that this vlog-thing is an inspiration for you guys!
We have shopped in Amersfoort. It is really nice there.
Cool shops, nice people.
We love Bagels & Beans. The food there is just delicious!
And it is really cozy there. And the interior is really cool.
Isabel, Floor and Tim love coffee and especially ice coffee.
The ice coffe was like heaven. And the bagels were very yummie!
It was a little bit scary to ask people if we could take a picture of
them but it was more fun to do. :)
So if some of those people read this blog: Thank you!
Loves and hugs,
Isabel & Tim










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