woensdag 27 juni 2012

Rings, rings and... Rings

 Hello our lovely fashionlovers,

"Hello, my name is Isabel." "Hello, Isabel." "And I am addicted to rings."
Okay, not addicted but I have these days when I can buy all the rings in the store.
I love rings. I just love them. And I really don't know why.
Okay, I know why but I can't explain it.
The reason why I love rings more then earrings, bracelets, necklaces is that rings are
so simple but they can be a statement piece, too. 

Panda ring: The six, Spike ring: Black Star Parfume, Blue ring with a rose: The six, Golden ring: Gift, Ring under the golden ring: Gift, Ring with dolfins: Gift, Bow ring (which you can't see): The six,

Black ring: H&M,  Plain silver ring: The Six, Ring under the plain silver ring: Gift,
Green ring: The six, Cross ring: The six, Peace ring: Gift.

I have two favorite rings. This is one of them. I think you have saw this ring a lot on my blog, and (no surprise) you will see it a lot of times!
This ring is from the black star parfume (Made by Avril Lavigne). I did not know what to do with it first (that was the time when I thought rings only should be on your annulary). But when I found it a year ago I fell in love with it!

When I saw this cross ring I was about to scream. It was one of those things you run to when you see it because you are afraid that someone else will get it. I just love, love, love this.

These are all my silver rings. I love silver more then gold, I don't know why. I think silver is more grudge and edgy then gold. Gold is warm and sweet, but that is just what I make of it. :)

These are my gold rings. I have got the left one for chrismas from my brothers and their girlfriends. I am so thankfull for this ring! It is so simple and beautyfull. The peace ring is a gift from my best friends Tim and Iris. I love that ring to, because it is the peace sign. :)

These are all my rings. I have thirteen rings, that means enough to wear on every finger.
Maybe I will have in the future hunderd rings, or maybe my ring addiction is over by then.
I don't know. I just know that I love this accessory and that I wanted to share it with you.

Have a wonderfull week!
Lots of love,

woensdag 13 juni 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Denim top: H&M, Pants: V&D

Ankle boots: Ziens

Necklace: Vintage

Green ring: The six, Other ring: Gift

Blue ring: The six, Other ring: Wild Rose Parfume

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
I didn't felt like working with my statif and finding a good place to make pictures.
So I made these pictures through a mirror.
Sorry for the not so good quality.
Me and Tim have a testweek so we are really busy!
Have a nice week!
Lots of love,

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

At the moment

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
This is just a quick "at the moment". Basically this is a post about what is happening in our lives, so enjoy!
If you want to see a daily at the moment follow us on instagram. Our username is: fashionstry.

 I am decorating my room. The heart (all the picture are going to be a heart) is not finished yet but I think it looks really cool. -Isabel

I have also made my name with magazine letters. I think it looks pretty cool, haha. -Isabel

 Me and Tim a have a testweek to survive. Wish us luck! :(

 My favorite armcandy at the moment. -Isabel

My favorite book at the moment. -Isabel

 I found my old camera! It hasn't really good quality but it isn't really awful.
The second picture from left is me with long hair! I was twelve and kind of alternative.
Oh, good old times. *sighn*. - Isabel


Oh sick puppies. One of my favorite bands! I love rock music. Heh, you can tell, right?
This is my favorite song at the moment. - Isabel

Love & Hugs,
Isabel (& Tim)


zondag 3 juni 2012

OOTD: The collar

Blouse: ONLY, Black top: The Sting, Tregging: V&D, Shoes: Gift, Gold necklace: H&M, Cross necklace: Church, Earrings: Gift.

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
I've been sick for two days so me and Tim couldn't make pictures. So I decided to make a quik OOTD for you. My camera and the light were SO annoying. I couldn't find a good place to make a picture. But I finally found it: the white door in te living room. Not the most stunning place to make a picture but it was good enough. Now I still have headache but I need to get through the pain. So I am just going to school tomorrow and be my happy self. When I am sick I don't want to do anything. Just lay in bed and sleep. But I said to myself: No, Isabel. Just do it. It will take ten minutes.
Well it didn't. It took two hours. But it was fun to do.
I am complaining to much, I guess.
Have a nice week!
Lots of love,