dinsdag 12 juni 2012

At the moment

Hey our lovely fashionlovers,
This is just a quick "at the moment". Basically this is a post about what is happening in our lives, so enjoy!
If you want to see a daily at the moment follow us on instagram. Our username is: fashionstry.

 I am decorating my room. The heart (all the picture are going to be a heart) is not finished yet but I think it looks really cool. -Isabel

I have also made my name with magazine letters. I think it looks pretty cool, haha. -Isabel

 Me and Tim a have a testweek to survive. Wish us luck! :(

 My favorite armcandy at the moment. -Isabel

My favorite book at the moment. -Isabel

 I found my old camera! It hasn't really good quality but it isn't really awful.
The second picture from left is me with long hair! I was twelve and kind of alternative.
Oh, good old times. *sighn*. - Isabel


Oh sick puppies. One of my favorite bands! I love rock music. Heh, you can tell, right?
This is my favorite song at the moment. - Isabel

Love & Hugs,
Isabel (& Tim)


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