zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Styles we like: Harajuku


Hai lovely fashion lovers!

Yesterday I dowloaded an amazing app.
The name is: TokyoFashion.
It is about the AMAZING fashion in Japan and especially in Harajuku 原宿. ( That is a district in Tokyo) SO, I love Japan and this makes it only better :)
Harajuku is a colorful style inspired by anime and dolls. The style is cute and a little bit messy.
I found the styles there SO amazing and lovely.
On this app you can see photos of teenagers and their (amazing) style.
When I see the photos I think: That is so cool, my head is bubbelling with ideas and inspiration and... etc. etc.
I can look at the pictures  all day and you can find films on youtube. It makes me so happy, haha!
But, this app helps me very much for styling and I like it! I was so happy that I found this app.
SO, do you have the same ideas as I? Do you like Japan as I do? Tell me!

Kumamiki at Pop N Cute

Look the accesoires! This outfit is so cute!

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (17)

Cute and it a little bit Lolita.

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (39)

A boy! And his style is soooo cool and I like it so much and etc.

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (49)

Iza (Isabel) : "The boots!" ( Iza likes the boots very much and wants them so bad!)

 Two girls in Harajuku. 

 Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (27)

 I Like the girl the most but, the boy looks very cool, too.

Kawaii Harajuku Fashion at Pop N Cute (42)




P.S. To be continued


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